Summer event Schedule

Please call and register for these upcoming events at the library.


Library hours are:

Monday 3:30-6:30
Tuesday 1:00-6:00
Wednesday 3:30-6:30
Thursday 1:00-6:00
Friday 1:00-6:00

Some are limited seating, some are not. Limited seating to first
registration, first serve.

Date: Time: Event
May 7 5:30 Watercolor Painting     Registration required
     21 5:30 Design your own mug  Registration required
     29 6:30 Jewelry making class  Registration required
June 5 2:00 Sibley Park  Registration required
         12 1:00 4H Fun day  Registration required
       19 1:00 Styron Bell Morris wetlands
       27 10:00 Ralphs World  Registration required
July 10 1:00 4H Fun day  Registration required
       12 10:30 Stingers
      17 2:00 Sibley Park — Sky  Registration required
     30 3:30 Prairie Woodland Environmental Center Registration required
Aug 14 2:00 Sibley Park Dirt


MN Writes MN Reads

Local authors – indie, self-published, aspiring, and mainstream – can now create ebooks and share them with readers across the state and potentially across the country using free tools provided by Minnesota libraries.

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Support Your Library
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